Mini Hair Straightener


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Product Description of Mini Hair Straightener

Instructions for use

1. Make sure the power is connected, turn on the switch, the indicator light will be on, and the hair straightener will start to heat up and work.

2. Before use, blow-dry the hair to 90% dry, and comb the hair with a regular comb to avoid knotting or affecting the shape of the hair.

3. Combined with personal techniques, it can be made: the inner button of the hair tip, large and small waves, and random styling,

4. After use, push the switch to the off position, pull out the power socket to cut off the power supply, and wait for it to cool down naturally before storing it.


1. Be careful not to use the hair straightener near water or bring it into the bathroom.

2. If the power cord is found to be damaged before use, in order to avoid Dangerous, prohibited use.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use this product on children to avoid scalding children, Should be kept out of reach of children.

4. The appliance should be stored in a well-ventilated and dry environment to ensure that it can be used again.


Rated voltage: 110-220V- Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated power: 20W

Additional information

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