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Straight and Curler Dual Purpose Hair Comb

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Product Description of Straight and Curler Dual Purpose Hair Comb

Instructions for use

1. Before use, please blow dry your hair and comb it smoothly with a comb. 2. When you are ready to start using, please insert the plug into the power outlet. 3. Turn on the switch and wait for the heat pipe of the machine to rise to the appropriate temperature before starting to operate.

4. After use, please turn off the switch and pull out the power plug.



1. Before connecting the power supply, please confirm whether the local voltage matches the required voltage on the product. 2. Try not to use this product in places with water, and do not use it near water basins, Yanhong and other utensils. If you need to use this product in a rock room or toilet, please unplug it immediately after use. occur.

3. Please keep the fermented sugar clean and clean, and do not let it stick to dust, corrosive liquids, etc. At the same time don’t put . Conditioner, etc. used together,

4. The amount of hair will be in a high state during work, please do not let people touch the skin directly to trigger the heat pipe, to avoid responsibility or take it to the place where the electricity office is working,

5. Keep the electric cover out of the reach of children, and try to keep it away from children during use, so as not to cause accidents.